Main Goal

Together we are stronger
The main goal is to revolutionize the sports wagering with a decentralized solution, 100% transparent, no bookmaker odds.
For that we are developing the following:
  • Sports events wagering pool WITHOUT BOOKMAKER FIXED ODDS
  • GANG token with max supply and staking for protocol profits redistribution
  • Voting system that allows GANG token holders to vote on strategic decisions
  • Partnerships with leading figures in sports like major leagues, teams, etc.
  • Teams fan tokens launch platform, rewarding GANG token Hodlers
  • Sports stars dedicated genuine NFT exchange
Ultimately reach a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance.
As godfather of the family I promise to build a strong bonded family. Our family will become the strongest and biggest family of modern era. Loyalty-Bravery-Fraternity - Don CoonFather